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Friday, 10 June 2011


 i thought this outfit looked really good..........................and then this happened.......
 you think "that's enough now stop looking so good" and then this happens......................
 ARE YOU SERIOUS? word:Amazing!!
 So if i ever met Jameela jamil i would ask her : whos your stylist and could i borrow her for a day.I thought that outfits that look this good only happen once in a blue moon , i was wrong.I dont know what it is about her if its her fringe or red lips or shoe envy i have but this girl knocks it out of the park all the time!!! shes an pure inspiration.It takes alot for me to love someone whos never worn a tie but she makes me happy : )

Sitting in my room, i think i've watched more tennis then your recommended,i'm waiting for festival season so i can leave my house.I have a condition : if i put a shirt on i have to wear a tie, i dont know why it makes me feel....complete : )


  1. Love the first pic!


  2. Thanks much appreciated : ) i will check out you're blogs,



  3. Your hat is so nice: i love it with your braids!
    Sara C.