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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Abu Dhabi: Luxury capital

Hey guys!
I hope you are all okay, first a huge apology for lack of posting this year my job has took me all around the world and I've bearly had time to sit and blog everything right away. So earlier this year I was incredibly lucky to travel to Abu Dhabi one of the most luxurious places in the world.I stayed at the Radisson blu yas island hotel which was stunning, the staff were incredibly polite and helpful and the food was out of this world. I've got to say the quality of hotels in general were incredible , the ones we ate at had amazing food and d├ęcor.

I've got to say Abu Dhabi met all of my expectations, the weather, food, people and entertainment were all at such a high standard I was in heaven. I would recommend this holiday for people with mobility issues, the hotels literally has everything you will need within a 1 mile radius. I say this because I really want to take my mum the next time I go and she struggles with knee/hip issues and I think she would still have an incredible time staying mostly within the hotel. So I have to mention the breakfast buffet, I've never seen such a huge variety of food in my life and everything I ate tasted so good. There were 3 restaurants on site with different cuisines, the only downside was the food was quite pricey. Also the spa was absolutely stunning the Jacuzzi area was free and very peaceful, the generally ambience off the hotel spa was so luxurious they really paid attention to every detail.

Another plus was that Dubai was a 45 minute drive away, we went to the Dubai mall which was a jaw dropping experience. It was 8 floors of shopping heaven, they had a aquarium, ice rink and mini souk inside the mall. For me the united emirates is unrivalled in terms of luxury and extravagance everything is catered to make you extremely comfortable.

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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Korean skincare 101: Sheet masks

All available on Yesstyle
Hey guys! if you haven't tried Korean skincare yet I suggest you start NOW and the best way to begin: Sheet masks. Now Korean skincare has always been innovitve and ahead of it's time but recently they has been a surge of k-beauty being sold in the U.K. Sheet masks has always been my favourite part of my skincare routine because I don't have to wash my face afterwards. These masks are some of my most current purchases, by far my favourite was Leaders in clearing, my skin felt transformed after using it and the next day it was glowing.
The best place to get sheet masks: Yesstyle its cheap, has lots of variety and has some of the popular brands. Now I realise it can be very confusing when starting out but I would just go for what your skin needs eg: hydrating, clearing, brightening. If your worried about how to incorporate it into your routine then I would begin with just including a sheet mask 2-3 times a week and see the results. I am planning to do a more in depth post about ingredients and the best mask material soon but i'm currently testing them all out!.
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Friday, 19 January 2018

Bite the bullet

Jacket: Monki Dress: Dress Belt: Urban Outfitters Hat: Ebay
Hello people ! I hope you are all having a great January, so far its going okay just in desperate need of some sun. So flashback to 8 months ago when I first saw the off white industrial belt and  just swooned , it was the first time I saw a designer piece that I wanted instantly. Now I've never owned a designer item because I was always scared of spending hundreds on a item only for it to go out of style in the next few months or damaging it. But when I saw the belt I felt as though I found my soul mate, a soul mate worth £345 !. I promised myself that I would save up for it but every time I would check it was constantly sold out.
So I decided it was time to get a dupe and low and behold urban outfitters comes to my rescue at the low cost of £12. I just love this belt because it goes so well with my favourite dress which I've been wearing non stop all winter. What are some of your winter staples ?
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