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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Nuts for Newquay

hi surfin' birds!!,

I know i'm squinting in the first picture and i know the others are a tad bit blurred but : i'm in Newquay!,i know you cant tell but opposite the beach are huge mansions that i stare at every time i leave the all night the wind was blowing insanely loud and i couldnt fit into my bed because im a giant : ( then when we  woke up it was raining .....hard.But good things!!!! hot dudes on the bus on the way  back from town who smiled at me and i felt like i was walking on sun shine and  i've eaten so much sweets im having a sugar high! note for all those planning to holiday in england:We have crazy weather! you wake up in a storm then by noon the sun is beaming,so when you go out carry a hoody and wear your bikini under anything you're wearing because you could leave prepared for the worst then wished you brought your bikini(something that happened to me today),

so hope you all are having an awesome july wherever you are,

love fowzee



  1. sexy top!

  2. i know what you are talking about, same weather over here! it is like fall in the middle of summer! wind, rain, dark skies! oh well! we are used to it! so fabulous that you are looking at the mansions!

  3. ohh this place looks amazing. your hair is gorgeous! I AM having a great july, glad you are too! :)


  4. Great pics and I like your top :)

    Love your blog...I'm now following!