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Monday, 6 August 2012

I want to love you but my hands are tied

              shirt: charity shop/DIY,tie: burton, shorts: charity shop, hat:new look

Hello lovely people!,

so this is what i wore on the second day of the harbourside festival, the shirt is my second attempt at diy which i was happy with until i saw the same shirt just with lots more studs and i kinda felt envious so a little tip; never scrimp on studs.I'm going to a friends birhday meal tomorrow and my mums convince me to wear a strapless bodycon pastel dress, which i allowed her to do because i need to leave this monochrome phase and join the land of colour.oh! i just bought two glitter polishes one was from models own and the other is rimmel,my obsession began when i was in the urban outfitter queue with a friend and i was trying out this nail polish and i got hypnotised by the sparkles : ),

anything sparking your interest this summer ?

ps. the post tittle is a song by starsailor one of my favourite bands ,

love you all,



  1. I like the studs on the shirt!

  2. Adore your collar! Perfect look :)

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  3. I'm in love with this! Check out my new post, I think you'd like it :)