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Saturday, 15 October 2016

The best makeup brushes you need to buy now

Buffing brush

Contour Brush

Pointed foundation brush


Detailer brush

 Real techniques core collection brushes.

Hello people! I know I'm years late and these are a staple in many make up kits but I was lucky enough to get these for £10.99 for four brushes! I was wondering through boots a couple months ago and I saw Real techniques sets for 50% off, and I had a internal battle if I should go for the core collection or the eyes collection. I went for the Core because I began to fall in love with highlight in the summer and been struggling with getting it to blend seamlessly. Can I tell you my make up application has been taken to a new level since I've been using these, my concealer especially has been blending more smoothly which is amazing because I spent a lot of money on different brands and felt like it was a waste of money.

Before I bought these brushes I placed no importance on how I was actually applying my make up, I thought that popular brushes were too over priced and didn't serve a purpose ( boy was I wrong ). The most I would ever spend on a brush would be £2 I was so stingy, then I would be annoyed when my expensive makeup wouldn't blend properly. Now that I have fully converted to good quality brushes I can now say that the best investment you can make for your make up is great brushes, please don't skimp on spending a lot on brushes because I did and my face suffered. Also if you wear foundation everyday real techniques do sell single brushes which would be better value for money.

Thanks for reading!


  1. What a lovely and handy bargain!

  2. Oh thanks for sharing this! I'm actually in search for a nice set of brushes to buy. :)


  3. this is a really good set-- thanks or sharing :)


  4. awesome, thanks for sharing. I need new make up brushes so will def check this out!

    xo, Carla