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Thursday, 15 November 2018

South Africa: Heaven on earth

Hello people!
So recently I had a work trip to south Africa and oh my goodness! I think I've found heaven on earth. I don't know where to begin, the whole experience was incredible from the food to the attention to detail I highly recommend you check out South Africa. My favourite place was Solomans beach : a mini heaven of penguins, yes penguins just chilling in 30 degree weather. We also visited the Aquila private game reserve and went on the most exciting safari, I especially loved how much knowledge our guide had and he spoke with such passion you could tell he truly loved his job.

Now if you are vegan or vegetarian Cape town is the place for you, the amount of plant based restaurants you can find on one street is really commendable. Some of the nicest meals I had were plant based , all the ingredients were fresh and the recipes were innovative and original. Also at our hotel we had an incredible view of table mountain, which was also a stunning attraction that is a must-see.

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Thursday, 1 November 2018

The must have palette for fall

Hello people!
I hope you are all well, today I wanted to share my go-to palette that I've used nearly everyday in autumn. So I always go through phases in terms of what colours I wear on my eyes and recently I've been loving browns, burnt orange and shimmers. And the second nature palette has all those things add a buttery high pigmented formula with a cheap price tag ladies and gentlemen we have the dream fall palette. I must say I am a huge morphe fan mainly because they offer high quality shadows at an affordable price also they always have great colour combinations that make it easy to use just 1 palette for multiply looks.
Another reason I love this palette is because you can do a natural day time look but also a super glam graphic eye which is something I find crucial to a good palette . The palette is £23 which is one of the cheapest in my collection, I have paid £50 plus on palettes that had terrible pigment and reacted to my skin. I really like the idea of brands being accessible to a wide range of people be it teenagers just getting into makeup or a professional make up artist.
Overall I would recommend this palette purely based on its versatility and price, the only con I have is one of the shadows texture is inconsistent with the others accept from that I have no complaints.
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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Abu Dhabi: Luxury capital

Hey guys!
I hope you are all okay, first a huge apology for lack of posting this year my job has took me all around the world and I've bearly had time to sit and blog everything right away. So earlier this year I was incredibly lucky to travel to Abu Dhabi one of the most luxurious places in the world.I stayed at the Radisson blu yas island hotel which was stunning, the staff were incredibly polite and helpful and the food was out of this world. I've got to say the quality of hotels in general were incredible , the ones we ate at had amazing food and d├ęcor.

I've got to say Abu Dhabi met all of my expectations, the weather, food, people and entertainment were all at such a high standard I was in heaven. I would recommend this holiday for people with mobility issues, the hotels literally has everything you will need within a 1 mile radius. I say this because I really want to take my mum the next time I go and she struggles with knee/hip issues and I think she would still have an incredible time staying mostly within the hotel. So I have to mention the breakfast buffet, I've never seen such a huge variety of food in my life and everything I ate tasted so good. There were 3 restaurants on site with different cuisines, the only downside was the food was quite pricey. Also the spa was absolutely stunning the Jacuzzi area was free and very peaceful, the generally ambience off the hotel spa was so luxurious they really paid attention to every detail.

Another plus was that Dubai was a 45 minute drive away, we went to the Dubai mall which was a jaw dropping experience. It was 8 floors of shopping heaven, they had a aquarium, ice rink and mini souk inside the mall. For me the united emirates is unrivalled in terms of luxury and extravagance everything is catered to make you extremely comfortable.

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