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My name is Fowzia im from Bristol, I started this blog in 2011 to show an insight to my fashion and life.I always believe that you should dream big and that nothing is impossible.I dont drink , I love herbal tea the weirder the better.I called this blog crazy 4 ties because when i was 13 i watched this programme and Gok Wan was speaking about trends and mentioned "masculine chic" and i fell in love.I love the style because I think its so hard to look sexy whilst having masculine pieces so if some one does it blows my mind.

Fun facts

I'm 5ft 10 ( aka realy tall)

I am obsessed with America , I've never been there....yet : ),ever since I was little I wanted to be on the disney channel.

People think i'm american when they first meet me, I think its because I used to watch friends 24/7 when i was younger so i think the accent got lodged in my brain.

I love japanese food! sushi , seaweed,aloe vera drinks.

I love japanese films, especially studio ghibli.

My favourite word is Tank I say it at least 10 times a day ( anything that is beyond amazing can be descibed as tank : ) )

I currently study musical theatre up north in Mansfield.

The scene where charlie doesn't find the ticket in charlie and the chocolate factory always makes me cry.

I've been to Jamaica 3 times it was amazing.

My favorite band is linkin park.

I love sheep just because of their wool ( its so fluffy! )

My favourite food is a burrito from My burrito in Bristol

I have the craziest music on my ipod from 90's rnb to rock to disney singers

I'm a hip hop dancer.

On my bedroom wall I have all my favorite actors for inspiration.

Favourite films


The Dark knight

Donnie Darko

Whip it

Nick and Nora's infinate playlist

kung fu hustle

Spirited away

Kill Bill