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Sunday, 7 July 2013

This week

                                                                   House party
           Can you dance? event in Nottingham with Lukas mc farlane, Tom shilcock,Matt flint
                                                                 My journey bak to Bristol

                                                               St Pauls carnival in bristol

Hello people,

So i've tried to cram the craziest/hectic week of my life into this post.This week i had:Exams,a house party,a dance event,graduation,a festival. So i went to a fancy dress house party and i went as sandy from grease it was really fun it was the last party the thirds years at college had so it was bitter sweet.Then i had a dance event called can you dance? in Nottingham, which was amazing i got to meet some incredible people and whilst i was in Lukas Mc farlane's (winner of got to dance) class i was in awe of how insane his helper was and it turns out he was Billy Elliot on the west end! how crazy is that? the kid is an inspiration.And Lukas gave me a pair of ballet shoes for doing well in his class he said 'There was 70 people on the floor and i was watching you' literally could have cried.

Then i had my final exams and i got a distinction! woohoo! such a relief.Then graduation i wore a trouser suit type outfit and got my hair curled,someone said i looked like the girl from flash dance which was crazy because a few people said i dress like hillary from Fresh prince which i find funny because i don;t make a conscious effort to look like someone but I think i do it with out realizing ( crazy!).

And finally the end of the week, i couldn't go to prom : ( because i had to come back to bristol to sell food at a festival for my living expenses. I worked from 7am - 3am my back is killing me but i have the mens final of wimbledon to help me heal : ),can you believe its summer! so happy to be home.

hope your having a tank summer,

thanks for reading,




  1. I like your outfit. It's sophisticated :)

  2. Very nice blog and outfit!

    follow you! I'd love to have you among my followers


  3. Omgg You met Lukas Mc farlane, I loove him I actually rewinded and rewatched his final performance like 5 times he is literally Incredible how amazing you met him and he said you were amazing! I probably wouldve wanted to cry too aha And Congratulationss for graduating I lovee what you wore you definately break the mold for normal graduation get up you look amazing and I do see why people see abit of Hillary in your style because she was forever in oversized blazers like that too and Yess s ohappy weve finally reached the summer have been looving the weather! Lovely blog xo

  4. COOL pictures! Looks like you had a great time <3

  5. Nice outfit. Congrats on graduating with distinction. In the blazer pic, I do see a bit of Hillary there. She was so funny :)

    Heel in Mint


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