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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

My favourite products for Afro/Curly hair

Hello people!,Hope you are all amazing, so this post is long over due I've been using most of these products for years and have never mentioned them on my blog. Now I have done my research and all of these products are absolutely fine for non-afro hair, so if your hair is just curly you are in the right place. Recently I have been obsessed with curly hair routines on youtube because recently I felt my hair was lifeless and very weak. I learnt a few tricks that have really helped me manage my hair, and made wash day so much easier. So a quick history of my hair: I have 4b/c hair, its very thick and coarse and I especially struggle with breakage. These products have really helped my hair become stronger and less brittle.
Curl Repair Moisture Shampoo £5.99
So I've been using this for 3 months and it has been a godsend, the texture is really creamy and it doesn't tangle my hair. I love that there is so much product for your money, also a little goes a long way a small amount can lather my whole head. I used to use a much cheaper shampoo for £1.99 and would find my hair would end up insanely tangled and completely stripped of any moisture. This shampoo is great at cleansing but with out any sulphates, also it smells great.
Deep conditioner

 Shea Moisture Treatment Mask £12.99

 So words can not describe my love for the shea moisture line, especially their Jamaican black caster oil collection. Now I cant stress enough how important a deep conditioner is for afro/curly/natural hair, naturally my hair is very dry and this can lead to breakage. Using a deep conditioner regularly can strengthen hair and add that needed moisture your hair will love. I put this on my hair after shampooing and cover my head with a shower cap and use a dryer hood for 10 minutes. Afterwards my hair is unbelievably soft and manageable.

 Hot Oil Treatment
DooGro Mega Thick Growth Oil £4.59

I recently watched video where a girl explained the importance of doing a hot oil treatment before you shampoo as the oil gives extra protection from your hair being stripped. First I wet my hair and apply this generously throughout my hair I( use a whole bottle for my hair), then I use a dryer hood which connects to my hairdryer for 10 minutes then wash it out and shampoo. My hair feels amazing after I do this step, using gentle heat allows the oil to penetrate the hair cuticle so the product doesn't just sit on top of the hair.
 Everyday moisturizer
Keracare Butter Cream £9.99
Now this product is a new addition to my hair products and its really made a difference to my hair. I apply this daily but the best way for this to work is to heat it up, I place the tub on my heater for around 10 minutes the consistency doesn't change to much but the warmth makes it easier to absorb. My hair doesn't absorb moisture or products easy the tend to just sit on my hair and I recently read that warming up products help the process, and after trying it I can say this is very true my hair drinks this up and doesn't feel greasy afterwards.
Hair Oil

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil £4.99 ORS Castor Oil £3.99
Castor oil has a cult following which is the main reason I decided to try it out, I use this after I moisturise, again I heat this up so its easily absorbed into the hair. The oil is well known for helping growth and breakage and has no fragrance so its a great unisex product. The Sunny isle ( Top ) is extremely thick so I decided to try the ORS brand( Bottom ) which is more runny and is mixed with sweet almond oil. The first one was fine except I had difficulty applying it to my hair but then I realised the consistency would change once I heated it up ( duh! ). This makes my hair feel invincible, it feels instantly stronger like I fed my hair a can of spinach. 

Hair Bonnet
Stay On Satin Anti-breakage £3.99

This is going to sound crazy but it you have an afro the Number One thing you should be using everyday is a satin bonnet/scarf. One of the biggest causes of breakage is your hair rubbing against your pillow throughout the night, wearing a satin scarf protects your hair. I particularly like when scarfs have built-in moisture because my hair get dry easily. I do plan to try different brands in the future so I will do a updated favourites, Shea moisture is now available in superdrug and boots and I bought the others products from a afro hair shop.
Thanks for reading!

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