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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Am I doing enough?

Coat:Missguided Dress: Monki  Bag: Topshop
Hello! its currently 5am and my brain is being hit by a barrage of thoughts: I need to upload a post! I need my Instagram to be more consistant! I haven't posted on twitter in ages!. Exhausting right? now I don't want to speak on the behalf of all bloggers but I feel like most of us go through that frustration stage where we don't feel like we're  doing enough blog wise. The last month was incredibly hetic ( working in Canada ) and in hindsight I should have prepared my posts before flying out , I felt like my blog was left on the back burner which I wasn't happy about. Also I've found myself comparing my work ethic to others and felt I wasn't working hard enough.

Now I know comparing is incredibly toxic and usually I don't but when you have a new project to focus on it feels like other goals go unachieved. But I don't want this post to negative and winey I want you guys to know that when life takes an unexpected turn rather than beat yourself up get back on the horse, start working. In the past I would waste tremendous amount of time thinking of the things I could have done and where I could've been if I started earlier. And I realised how incredibly counter productive that was I remember starting a project and then getting really angry at myself for not starting earlier and not coming up with the idea faster .It wasn't until this year I began to focus on my self-talk and realised how negative my inner voice was, so I made a conscious effort to always forgive myself and remind myself that its okay to let things slip sometimes. So that's what I plan do , get back up start grinding and achieving my blogging goals.
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  1. Don't beat yourself up too much! Eventually the ideas just keep comin' haha

    Sheena |