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Thursday, 20 April 2017

The ultimate cult product every girl needs to have

Hello people! today I'm reviewing the Pixi glow tonic because I've seen it everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Is it worth the hype? Does it deserve all the acclaim? Yes. Thank you. End of post, goodbye. Just kidding this isn't the end of the post, but yes this product is 100% worth the hype. In the past through lack of money I was never able to jump on the latest hype bandwagon whether it was the Naked palettes or the beauty blender,  I would have to save for months or even years before I could afford anything in the limelight. But I promised myself when I started my new job I would save money so I could try products that were getting a lot of press then give my honest opinion on this blog. Now I'm so sorry to that person but this product is best used with the Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm , luckily I was given a sample at work and these two together are a god send.
So you place a few drops on a cotton pad and sweep it really gently over your face after cleansing then follow up with a moisturiser of your choice. Remember this isn't like other toners out there, because of the 5% glycolic acid when you begin to use this I would say start with every other day and put your skin's sensitivity into account. I would say it takes a week for you to see the complete results, in terms of spots or blemishes this eliminates them like a beast! If you struggle with problematic skin say hello to your saviour. I highly recommend this product also if you just want to try it out you can buy a smaller size for £10 Here rather than £18 for a full size.
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