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Friday, 29 September 2017

The most pigmented shadow you need to try

Hello people! So over the years  I've slowly become an eye shadow snob....there I said it, I can stand eye shadows that aren't pigmented especially ones that are expensive. This year I have fallen in love with bright bold eye colours but I could never find a shadow with the right colour pay off. Also I have spent a lot of money on palettes that came up short in terms of pigment, so I decied to do my research and see what palette was getting the best reviews on youtube. I kept hearing this brand called Juvias's place that offers unique colours with amazing pigment, so I found this Zulu palette on Ebay available HERE . I was initially drawn to the palette because of the bright yellow and orange which isn't available in many palettes on the market. When I first swatched these I couldn't believe the colour pay off this was the intensity I've been looking for, for years!. I love these colours they're so unique and very easy to blend, I would say if you're into warm muted colours this palette isn't for you, but if you love colours and experimenting with shadows you need this palette.

Overall this has been my favourite palette of summer , I would highly recommend this for anyone who loves colour. Juvia's place is now available HERE on Beauty bay, Have any of you tried Juvia's place?

Thanks for reading!


  1. that looks really cool!

    xoxo ally
    [ ]

  2. Omg really is the most pigmented eyeshadow palette! SO gorgeous

    Enclothed Cognition

  3. I love the look you created, it's gorgeous! x

    Jordan Alice

  4. I have heard so many good things about this eyeshadow. Looks great!

    xox Falasha

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  5. I've been meaning to want to try anything Juvia's Place palettes for awhile now but never got to it! These looks so pigmented and perfect <3 love the eye look with the lip you created!


  6. Such a colorful set and you did your eye makeup so well! Skills! :)

  7. The palette is beautiful and the swatches look so pigmented! I absolutely adore all of the colours, but I've always stuck to more neutral makeup (i.e. a boring look haha) so I don't know if I would be brave enough to sport such striking shades. But I think these shadows would be perfect for a more playful and fun look :) - your makeup look in particular is stunning!

    Love, Ana x

  8. These colours look amazing, I love the warm orange tones! They really suit you!

    Rosie |