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Thursday, 15 November 2018

South Africa: Heaven on earth

Hello people!
So recently I had a work trip to south Africa and oh my goodness! I think I've found heaven on earth. I don't know where to begin, the whole experience was incredible from the food to the attention to detail I highly recommend you check out South Africa. My favourite place was Solomans beach : a mini heaven of penguins, yes penguins just chilling in 30 degree weather. We also visited the Aquila private game reserve and went on the most exciting safari, I especially loved how much knowledge our guide had and he spoke with such passion you could tell he truly loved his job.

Now if you are vegan or vegetarian Cape town is the place for you, the amount of plant based restaurants you can find on one street is really commendable. Some of the nicest meals I had were plant based , all the ingredients were fresh and the recipes were innovative and original. Also at our hotel we had an incredible view of table mountain, which was also a stunning attraction that is a must-see.

Thanks for reading!

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