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Thursday, 1 November 2018

The must have palette for fall

Hello people!
I hope you are all well, today I wanted to share my go-to palette that I've used nearly everyday in autumn. So I always go through phases in terms of what colours I wear on my eyes and recently I've been loving browns, burnt orange and shimmers. And the second nature palette has all those things add a buttery high pigmented formula with a cheap price tag ladies and gentlemen we have the dream fall palette. I must say I am a huge morphe fan mainly because they offer high quality shadows at an affordable price also they always have great colour combinations that make it easy to use just 1 palette for multiply looks.
Another reason I love this palette is because you can do a natural day time look but also a super glam graphic eye which is something I find crucial to a good palette . The palette is £23 which is one of the cheapest in my collection, I have paid £50 plus on palettes that had terrible pigment and reacted to my skin. I really like the idea of brands being accessible to a wide range of people be it teenagers just getting into makeup or a professional make up artist.
Overall I would recommend this palette purely based on its versatility and price, the only con I have is one of the shadows texture is inconsistent with the others accept from that I have no complaints.
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  1. So beautiful colors!!! This palette is perfect for this season!
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  2. I agree with you... the colors are so lovely
    ew post