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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Huda Beauty Rose gold Eyeshadow palette

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Hello! I've been watching beauty videos on YouTube for years and never was able to jump on a eye shadow palette bandwagon, ( through lack of money #studentlife) but recently with all the buzz going on around Huda Beauty I thought now is the time to try some luxury make up. Now I will start by saying that I don't normally spend so much on one makeup product, but I've been working non-stop since December and thought this would be my treat for the month. Now I first heard about this palette on YouTube when it was released last year and it's been sold out everywhere since, until I got an email last week saying it was finally back in stock. I bought it from cult beauty which is the only U.K website that sells it, available Here . There are mixed reviews mainly because people had difficulty applying the textured shadows in the top row, but Huda explains in a video you have to use your fingers to apply them, which can save a lot of hassle.
I love the colour range in this palette and the multiple textures, also I think its great that you get 18 shadows in one palette. I only have one negative, Rose gold in the top row doesn't blend as easy as the other textured eye shadows, compared to Dubai which blends like silk it feels like rose gold has a different formula than the rest. The shadows with a glitter 'look' don't have any fall out which is brilliant and the shade Angelic is MOST beautiful colour! oh my goodness its the perfect gold/pink iridescence.
Now there is a lot and I mean A LOT of positive reviews for the Anastasia modern renaissance palette in terms of the pigmentation of the shadows, I can't compare the two, but these shadows have great pigmentation. I have tried these on my eyes but I haven't worn them for a whole day so I can't say how well they wear. Overall I think this palette is great, this is one of my first high-end palettes so I am not able to compare it with others yet but I do love the wide range of colours you are given.
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  1. I also heard this palette sold like hotcakes. Glad to know that you have it now. Hope you will love it. Happy weekend :)

    xoxo Eva |

  2. Beautiful colors :)